Sunday, April 10, 2011

Giant Eagle this week

Sorry I didn't post earlier when the ad first came out but I am not too impressed this week!  A few things I plan to buy are:
Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale 4 for $12 and if I buy 4 I will earn 0.20 bonus fuel perks, after my coupons I will save $1.72 than if I bought 4 boxes at Walmart, plus if we fill up just my car with the bonus perks that's another $2.20 in savings)
Fruit Roll ups, I have coupons for these as well plus will get bonus fuel perks, my family loves these so I plan to buy them!

I do not think we need noodles, but if we do then I would buy 10 of the Giant Eagle brand ones so I could get an additional 0.10 fuel perks.

Bagged salad-Personally I think it's a waste and buy heads of lettuce...but if we liked them I would buy the 2 for $5 and get the additional fuel perks.

Head over to Lady Savings for the complete coupons matchups, you can get FREE toothpaste and cheap toothbrushes this week.  I have about 12 toothpastes and 10 toothbrushes in my linen closet so I am cutting myself off in this department.

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