Sunday, July 10, 2011

Target Toy Clearance!

I absolutely love Target! It is my weakness, which is why I try not to go there too often.  Even with the best of intentions, a list, my coupons paired up, I almost always find more things I can't live without when I go there.

Twice a year, Target has a spectacular toy clearance....I mean it guys it's AWESOME! You already missed the first one of the year (or maybe you didn't, if so post your good deals!) but the second one for the year should be happening any time now!!!

Currently most stores have a lot of toys marked 30% off, these will go down to 50% off and then down to 75% off....and maybe a few to 90% but that's pushing it!

I have little girls so I do not pay much attention to boy toys but I know they usually have a bunch of things for both! Last year I got a Leap Frog alphabet ball for like $6, a TAG reader for around $10, Fisher Price little mommy set (retails $50 regularly) for $12. My basement has Christmas presents ready for my niece, and all 3 of my daughters. Now, don't get me wrong I still have to buy them other things!

Some of you may be saying, "Lori I can't think that far ahead" or "How do I know what my kid's will like at Christmastime" well you have a point.  It is far ahead but seriously Christmas will be here before we know it....and while you may not know what the hottest toy on the market will be in December, you generally know if your child likes Polly Pockets, Zhu Zhu's (which will probably be like $2) Barbies, Lego's, or whatever.  For example, my youngest is only 15 months...she really doesn't have any interests at the moment. Unless you count opening my kitchen cupboards and chewing on sponges! So I plan to buy her toys that a general 2 year old girl will like.  Dolls, blocks, puzzles....those kinds of things.  But in my head I will plan on buying her maybe 2 more items closer to Christmas.  This way I won't overspend but still have scored some amazing deals!  (Yes I plan to score awesome deals on the 1 yr old's presents since I have a feeling the 10 yr old and 4 yr old will be breaking the bank with their wants this year!!)

I will keep you posted when I see that it is hitting the Pittsburgh area...plan to go the day that happens to have a good selection!  People fill up several carts during this time, be prepared....and BE NICE!

Keep your eye on Totally Target's website since I am sure she will be more in the know than me!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deals beginning July 7th

My coupon binder is out in my car, but here is the deals I am spotting.

Giant Eagle
Best Life Buttery Spread is on sale for $1.50 (I know there is a coupon that will either make it free or 50 cents, I just need to double check)

Honestly not much else pops out at me.  I will be checking my yogurt coupons with the sales, but I am pretty stocked on yogurt!

Shop N Save (Cranberry, Ambridge, Zelienople, and East Rochester)
Chicken breasts 4/$20
Ragu 0.99 (We have a boat load of this from a Giant Eagle sale awhile back, but I think it's a good price)
Ground Chuck $1.98/lb
Eckrich Meat Franks Buy One get 2 FREE.  (If you can use 3 coupons this will rock!)
Maxwell House 34.5oz can $6.99 (my favorite coffee, woohoo!)

Iceberg Lettuce $1
Short Cut Carrots $1

Hmm, not really anything that wows me! Hope you find something that excites you! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Check out your library!

A free thing to do as a family is to head to the library! Check out books and dvd's, enjoy story hour and my own personal fave....sift through the coupon exchange box!  I am not sure if all libraries have these, but the Chippewa one in Beaver county does. Last year when I was on maternity leave, the girls and I would head there for an afternoon activity.  They would play with the puppets and look for books, and I would sit and look through coupons!  I found a ton of useful coupons there and also brought in ones I wouldn't be using. 

Next time you are at the library check and see if they have one, or if they would consider having one! Can't hurt to ask!

I am doing my daily check in with my favorite blogs. My most recent favorite is A Few ShortCuts. Today she had a link to SaveMore dot com and if you sign up you get a $10 credit.  Today they have 2 pack of snap bracelet watches......which is cheap stocking stuffers for my girls!  Yay!  My 10 year old will love this and the extra one I can either give to my 4 year old, or save for a birthday party! I always love to attach something small to give with a gift card!

One way to save money is to buy items when you spot a good deal, but also with a certain occasion in mind.  Currently in my basement I have a few Christmas presents for my girls, plus gifts I can use if we're invited to a party for another little girl.

*Keep your eye on Target, usually in July they will mark down a ton of toys and you can start doing your Christmas shopping! (They also do a huge clearance in January!)*

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheap way to unclog drains!

One way to save money is to try and use items you already have whenever possible!

In our basement tonight I was greeted with a lovely backed up drain.....blech!  I remembered a good friend told me to use Cola when you have a clogged drain.  Luckily for me, I had some Diet Pepsi in my fridge leftover from a birthday party! I poured it down the drain and let it sit for about 15 minutes.  Then I poured boiling water down the drain...worked like a charm!

See who needs Drano!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple 2 Save: Don't forget!

Awesome deal tomorrow on Old Navy tanks! Check it out!

Simple 2 Save: Don't forget!: "Old Navy Tankathon weekend is only a few days away. can go to the Tankathon Pre-Sale TOMORROW just by printing out this coupon..."

Cheap Restaurant gift certs!

If you want to treat yourself to a nice dinner, check out this site!

They are currently offering $25 gift certificates for $2.00!  These do have some rules but still make for a decent deal!  If you live in the Beaver County area, Lockhouse 6 is on there!  You must enter the code SUMMER. Hope you find something that sounds good to you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shop N Save June 23-29

Woohoo, if you live close to the Cranberry, Ambridge, East Rochester, or Zelienople Shop N Save then you can score cheap produce this week!!

Cantaloupes-10 for $10
Whole Seedless Watermelon $2.88 each
Peaches 0.88/lb
10lb bag of Russet Potatoes $2.88
Red Ripe Stem Tomatoes .88/lb (I don't buy tomatoes but I am guessing this is an ok price)
Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries or Strawberries BOGO
1lb bag of baby Carrots $1.00
Mango $1.00
5 lb bag of apples $3.99
Cucumbers 0.50
8 oz whole mushrooms $1.00
Honeydew melons $2.99
Fresh Express garden salad $1.00
Pineapples $2.99

Phew that was a lot to type! I will probably get watermelon, potatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers and a bag of the salad. I love cheap fruit and veggies!  My littlest daughter loves watermelon so she should be a happy girl this week!

Giant Eagle June 23-29

It's been awhile since I have posted!  I usually do my couponing in my spare time after my girls are in bed and lately that has been pretty late at night!

Here's some things I am looking forward to buying at Giant Eagle this week:

Fruit and Veggies-I will be buying these at either Shop N Save this week or Aldi's....the prices in the ad do not impress me AT ALL!

Giant Eagle pasta 10 for $10 and if you buy 10 you get an extra 10 cent fuel perks!  (Not the best price for pasta but we need more so I am just going to stock up)

Edy's Ice Cream is 2 for $6.00 and if you spend $12 you get $4 OYNO.  I plan on buying 4, using two $1.00 off coupons and getting the $4 back.  It's about $1.50 a carton. (again not the best price but cheaper than Brusters!)

Healthy choice meals 5 for $10, I have an internet printable (which Lady Savings will probably give the link with her match-ups) for $1.00/2 so $1.50 each!

Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes-They are on sale for 2/$3 again, if you have 0.75/1 coupons they will be free.  Not sure if there is any out right now, but I have enough toothpaste for a long time!

Chi-Chi's salsa $1.00 (after coupon)
Chi-Chi's tortillas $1.00 (after coupon)

Ballpark and Hebrew National franks on sale for BOGO, there are coupons for both brands out there, could make for a good deal!

Eckrich Smoked Sausage on sale for $3.50, use .55/1 coupon $2.40 (not a bad price)

Honestly I am not too impressed. Luckily for me, we're pretty stocked up and I was hoping to not spend alot this week!  I think that goal will be accomplished!

Last weekend I decided to try and buy enough stuff for 2 weeks worth of meals.  Hopefully I can be at about $30 this week just buying a few fresh veggies, and a few deals I think are stock up worthy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walgreen's through Saturday!

This week at Walgreens you can get free contact solution and pony tail holders!

Complete Contact Solution $7.99 earn $7.99 register rewards (use $1 off coupon to make money!)

No damage hair bands $2.00 earn $2.00 Register Rewards

Another cheap thing is Gillette razor $9.89 earn $5.00 Register reward and use $4.00 off coupon!

Shop N Save May 26-June 1

If you live near the Cranberry, Ambridge, East Rochester or Zelienople Shop N Save, you might want to check out these great deals!  They are part of Cranberry's Grand Opening sale!

Eggs 0.68/dozen
2 lb box of Angus burgers $3.98
United Dairy ice cream $1.88
Freschetta Pizza $3.99 (there might still be $1.00 coupons out there for this but I used all of mine, I love this pizza!)
Keebler Chips Deluxe or EL Fudge cookies $1.88 (I am going to look for coupons, but I don't think there is any)
Thomas English Muffins $1.50
3 lb bag of chicken 4/20 (cheapest I have bought is 5/20 so you might want to hold out, it's at this price fairly often!)

Once I look through the rest of the ad I will let you know of any other good deals! AND if you want to head there tomorrow you can get:
Hamburger and hot dog buns 50 cents!
Strawberries $1/lb
Bananas 0.29/lb

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tylenol Precise and Carefree Pantyliners=FREE

Did you get this newspaper on Mother's Day?  If you did then you can yourself 2 FREEBIES!! Even if you wouldn't normally buy these products for FREE wouldn't you get them to try or donate?!

Both of these deals are at Rite Aid:
Tylenol Precise is on sale for $5.00 and there was a $5.00 coupon, you pay nothing but tax.

Carefree liners-again after coupon it's FREE!

I didn't notice any other great deals at Rite Aid this week but hopefully there will be next week. In the coming weeks, I expect there to be lots of sunscreen and razor deals!

Giant Eagle 5-12

Tomorrow starts the new cycle of sales at Giant Eagle, the prices will run until next Wednesday.  I did my own personal match-ups and not too much is impressing me this week.  Make sure you head over to Giant Eagle's website and load up on the e-offers.  My suggestion you do this several hours or even the day before you plan to shop.  Sometimes the e-offers don't come off so make sure you watch the screen during check out!

This deal has me interested, and I plan to try it, but I am not sure which products and how many of each I will buy.

$7 OYNO wyb $20 in participating products

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise $3 ($4.99 Shelf)
$1/1 Hellmann’s Printable
$.75/1 from 4/17 RP (exp 5/15)
$1/1 from All You March
Final Price = $.10 each wyb 5 after catalina (if working on shelf price)
*$.57 each wyb 7 (This is if you don’t want to try shelf price)
AddWish-Bone Salad Dressing or Spritzers $1.50 ($2.50 Shelf)
$.40/1 Wish-Bone Printable (must sign-up)
$1.25/2 Wish-Bone, Western Dressing or Salad Spritzers printable
Final Price = As low as 8 for FREE plus $1.40 overage after catalina if working on shelf price & if you can get (8) $.40 Coupons!
Or, just use (4) $1.25/2 Coupons to get 8 for FREE!
AddRagu Pasta Sauce $1.25 ($2.29 Shelf)
Final Price = As low as $.47 if working on shelf price after catalina
Buy 9 = $11.25
Get Back $7 OYNO
Cost: $4.25 ($.47 each!)

Tammy over at Lady Savings has the complete ad matchup's with links to the internet printables. If any other awesome deals pop up I will be sure to post them!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shop N Save 5-5

If you live near the Cranberry or Rochester Shop N Save, head there this week to buy frozen chicken breasts! They are on sale 5/$20!  This is my stock up price for chicken.

Usually I think Shop N Save is a bit more expensive than Giant Eagle but I am beginning to watch their sale ads so keep your eye out for future deals!  Last week I got strawberries for $1.00!


Well, I have officially entered into the world of Walgreens shopping.  I am hooked.  Like the other drugstores, they have amazing deals.  At first they were intimidating to me since I have heard they have alot of rules.  To deal with this I basically play dumb and buddy up to my cashier.  They walk me through it and make sure I am getting a good deal.  Always, always, ALWAYS be nice to your cashiers :)

This week at Walgreen's (through Saturday)
Noxema razors-You can score these free after a register reward. There was coupons in the red plum we got last week.  And, in the packages I bought they had coupons! I hope to get back there this week for more free razors!

Right Guard body wash is on sale for BOGO-use BOGO coupons and get 2 free!

Flosser (sorry I forget the brand) they are on sale for $2 and you will earn a $2 register reward. 

Cottonelle Toilet paper, 12 packs for $5, use 0.50/1 online printables plus the coupons in the store. If you buy 2 in one transaction you will earn a register reward. (I didnt do this deal, but I think I might go and try it, love Cottonelle!)

Already looked into next week and check your coupons, if you have the BOGO Clean and Clear body wash coupon you can get 2 FREE! They are having them on BOGO....I am stoked about this!  I have been wanting to try this product and you can't get much better than 2 (or in my case hopefully more since I have a few coupons!) FREE!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holiday Weekend=No coupons

If you usually buy your newspaper at the store, save yourself some money and a trip this weekend! Holiday weekends usually do not have coupons, and since there is no coupon previews that means no coupons!

I looked over the Giant Eagle ad and there is not much that impresses me.  My two favorite deals are:

Fiber One Yogurt- On sale for $2, load a $1 e-offer onto your Advantage Card plus use 0.50/1 coupon that was in the paper a few weeks back....FREE!

Scope- On sale 2 for $6 and if you buy 2 you will receive $2 OYNO, buy 2, use 2 0.75/1 coupons, pay $3.00 and get $2 off your next purchase catalina, like paying 0.50 each!

To look for full ad matchups head over to Lady Savings

Sunday, April 17, 2011

For giggles...

You might not find this as humorous as me but I am going to share it with you anyways :)

I have shopped at the grocery store 3 times in the past 4 days and every single time I check out I hear, "Did you hear about that new show called Extreme Couponing?" They seem completely thrown off when I say I have but I don't watch it.  Today they even asked if I did The Grocery Game (which I could be wrong but I believe you have to pay money for that site) which I DO NOT belong to.  I am not willing to pay money to save money....unless it's for newspapers :)

So when I came home this morning I told my husband I want to get a t-shirt made and it will say, "Yes I know there is a show called Extreme Couponing, and I do not watch it..." LOL

I love my cashiers lately, they are extremely nice about my stack of coupons, help me with the scenarios to make sure I get the cheapest price and most catalinas. The other day a cashier from the next line over realized I was buying a Twix (kid treat for making through day 2 in a row at the store!) and told my cashier to double check the price since it was scanning for higher.  She saved me 19 cents which isn't alot but it meant alot to me that she made sure I got the right price. They also always are nice to me even when I have 3 crazy kids going nuts!

Rochester Giant rock!

CVS-Green Bag Tag (free after ECB's)

CVS/pharmacy Green Bag Tag - "Tag your reusable bag" and get $1 ExtraBuck every 4th visit

CVS has a deal this week where if you buy a Green Bag Tag for 0.99 you will earn 0.99 ECB's (extra care bucks)! As I mentioned before this is a good thing to have for CVS shopping!

The following is directly quoted from

Attach to any reusable bag. Here's how your Green Bag tag works: Attach - Loop around any reusable bag; Scan - Present tag and bag with purchase; Earn - Your $1 Extra Buck prints on your receipt on every fourth visit. To earn Extra Bucks for a transaction in-store, your ExtraCare card, Green Bag Tag, and reusable bag must be presented with purchase at checkout. Limit of one Green Bag Tag use/scan per day per household. Every fourth purchase your Extra Bucks reward will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt as a $1 coupon good for your next purchase. Extra Bucks can be used until the expiration date shown on the coupon. Extra Bucks are not redeemable for alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products. Extra Bucks can only be used when presented in conjunction with the ExtraCare card associated with the rewards. CVS/pharmacy reserves the right to modify or terminate the Green bag tag program without notice. Green Bag Tag rewards cannot be earned with purchases.


Fake Coupon...check this out!

Simple 2 Save: MUST READ: Counterfeit Coupon: "Ok everyone, this is very important stuff. Even though I personally have not posted this link on Simple2Save, I know that many, many b..."

Friday, April 15, 2011

HOT coupons!!!

Oh my goodness this is good people!  Head over to and print the Hungry Jack syrup and pancake mix coupons!  Giant Eagle has them on sale this week with a $3.00 off your next purchase catalina. You will need to use zip code 19019.

Thanks Lady Savings!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recipe using the cheap Stove Top stuffing!

Marvelous Mini Meatloaves recipe Here is the recipe for the mini meatloafs we love to make using Stove Top. If you can get Stove Top cheap this week or in the future, I highly suggest you try this!

Get your coupons's going to be a GIANT week!

Woohoo!! It's going to be a week worth getting excited about at Giant Eagle.  All of these deals I mention begin tomorrow. Get your fingers ready to clip some coupons!!

The deal I got the most excited about was Mrs. T's pierogies which are on sale 5 for $10 and if you buy 5 you get 1 FREE instantly....but if you use 6 $1.00 off coupons you will get 6 boxes for $4.00.....which means STOCKUP!!! (The 6 for $10 price is not good so do not stock up unless you have coupons)

Another deal I am excited about is actually a money maker. Here's the specifics. Always Pads and Pantyliners, and Tampax are on sale 3 for $8. If you purchase 3 you will earn $3.00 OYNO (catalina coupon that prints during checkout to be used on your next purchase) Deal Idea:
Buy 1 Always pantyliner $2.66
use 0.50/1 coupon from I believe the P&G Brandsaver
use 0.50/1 GE e-offer
Buy 1 Always Pads
use 1.00/1 coupon from P&G
use 1.00/1 GE e-offer
Buy 1 Tampax
use 1.00/1 coupon from P&G
use 1.00/1 e-offer
Pay $2.50 and earn $3.00 off your next purchase....0.50 MONEY MAKER! I am really excited because I actually just got some Always samples and in my samples there is a $2.00/1 always pads so for me it will be $1.50 moneymaker!

Zatarains Rice will be 0.25 a box after coupons...stock up if you have enough coupons!

Certain ice cream products have a spend $12 get $4 off your next purchase catalinas. One of them is Edy's Shakes and Smoothies...which there is coupons for $1/2 in this weeks Red Plum.
Deal Idea: Buy 10 Edy's Shakes or Smoothies (12.50)
Use 5 $1/2 coupons
Pay $7.50 get $4 OYNO which equals 0.35/piece! (my kids will love me and my coupons this week!)

Dole canned pineapple will be 2 for $1.00 after coupon (I never really buy canned fruit but I am thinking this might be a good buy)

Dial soap is 10 for $10...but if you have the 0.35/1 coupon for a few weeks back it will be $0.30! I am stocking up!

Stove Top-if you printed an internet printable from a few weeks back and have not used it yet, this week is meant for you! It's out of prints for those of you would didn't. After coupon Stove Top is 0.50! (I love making little mini meatloafs using Stovetop!)

Please head over to Lady Savings to view all the matchups along with links to internet printables.  I only mentioned a few deals I plan on doing but if all goes as planned I should get 70 items for $65.09 plus have money off my next purchase!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Giant Eagle this week

Sorry I didn't post earlier when the ad first came out but I am not too impressed this week!  A few things I plan to buy are:
Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale 4 for $12 and if I buy 4 I will earn 0.20 bonus fuel perks, after my coupons I will save $1.72 than if I bought 4 boxes at Walmart, plus if we fill up just my car with the bonus perks that's another $2.20 in savings)
Fruit Roll ups, I have coupons for these as well plus will get bonus fuel perks, my family loves these so I plan to buy them!

I do not think we need noodles, but if we do then I would buy 10 of the Giant Eagle brand ones so I could get an additional 0.10 fuel perks.

Bagged salad-Personally I think it's a waste and buy heads of lettuce...but if we liked them I would buy the 2 for $5 and get the additional fuel perks.

Head over to Lady Savings for the complete coupons matchups, you can get FREE toothpaste and cheap toothbrushes this week.  I have about 12 toothpastes and 10 toothbrushes in my linen closet so I am cutting myself off in this department.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few awesome deals at Giant Eagle!

Giant Eagle is having an awesome week!  I know I say that a lot but it's true!

Today at Giant Eagle I was able to buy 2 Swiffer wet refills, 2 Swiffer dry refills, Febreeze Air Effects, Febreeze Set & Refresh, Kleenex hand towels, Nature Valley granola bars, 2 big size Dawn dishsoaps for $13.28 ($1.68 of that was tax, which is often added before coupons) and I received $10.00 off my next purchase! Yay!!

Rice Roni and Pasta Roni-On sale 10 for $10...look for Free Pasta Roni when you buy 3 Rice Roni peelies (sticker coupons on the box) If you buy 10 you get $2.00 off your next purchase.
Deal Idea:
Buy 8 Rice Roni
Buy 2 Pasta Roni
Use (2) Peelie coupons for free Pasta Roni (for some reason when I scanned the coupon it took off $2 per coupon, hope that happens for you!) -4.00
Spent $6.00 out of pocket and received $2.00 off my next purchase. Awesome deal!

On there is a Smuckers fruit spread coupon, by printing this you can get Smuckers grape jelly for 0.50!  Yay!

There is alot of cleaning supplies and paper products on sale this week.  If you are in need check it out! Now is the time of year to stock up on cleaning supplies, so estimate what you need for a year and if you get good deals, buy them! 

Another deal I plan on doing is the Herbal Essence/Aussie deal.  If you buy 4 products priced at 2/$5 then you get $2.00 off your next purchase.  I plan on buying 4 Herbal Essences and using (2) Buy one get one free coupons from the paper a few weeks back AND if they let me my $1/2 coupon.  Rumor has it Giant Eagle isn't allowing you to do that anymore, but worth a shot.  If they let me do all 3 coupons I will pay $4 out of pocket and receive $2.00 off my next trip. I like to pay only 0.50 for shampoo...ideally FREE is the way to go. Shampoo is an item that you can get free.

These complete coupon matchups are provided by Lady Savings

Key: *** Good Deals, **** Great Deals, ***** Cuckoo ( Stock Up!)

This list will be updated throughout the week as I find more deals.
Add the items you plan to buy to create a printable shopping list! Then click the “Create List” button below.

Alot of coupons expire today but there is still great deal the rest of the week! Happy Shopping!

$2 Off Instantly wyb 4

AddPepsi or Mt. Dew 12 packs 4 for $13 (-2 wyb 4) = 4 for $11
$.75/1 Diet Pepsi Brand from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $1.25 each wyb 4 Diet Pops!

$3 Off Instantly wyb 3

AddDiGiorno Pizza $6 each or $5 each wyb 3
AddCalifornia Pizza Kitchen Pizza $6 each or $5 each wyb 3
$1/1 from 2/20 RP
Final Price = $4 each wyb 3

$4 OYNO wyb 2 participating Tide or Downy Products

AddTide 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent $10.99
FREE Tide Stain Release wyb Detergent from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31!)$.35/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
$1/2 from 4/3 PG
$3/1 Stain Release eOffer (exp 4/2)
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = As low as $4.25/item* Even Cheaper if $3/1 eOffer works!
*Buy 2 Tide Detergents & 2 Stain Release(Thursday ONLY)
Use: (2)FREE Stain Release Coupons
Use: $.50/1 eOffer
Pay: $21.48
Get Back: $4 OYNO
Cost: $4.25 per item! (or cheaper)
Awesome Deal if you like Tide! (As low as $3.55/item if GE will allow 2 of the $.35/1 Tide to be use as well)
AddDowny Liquid Fabric Softener 150 loads or 129oz $10.99
$2/1 or $1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31!)
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
$.20/1 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = As low as $6.49 each wyb 2 after Catalina (Thurs. Only!)

$3 OYNO wyb 2 participating Bounty, Charmin or Luvs Products

AddCharmin Bath Tissue 6 Mega or 12 Double Rolls $6.50
$0.25/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$3/1 Mega pack eOffer(exp 4/2)
Final Price = $3 each wyb 2 after catalina – 1 has to be the 6 Mega Pack
AddBounty Paper Towels 6 Big or 8 Regular Rolls $6.50
$.25/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31!)
$2/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $3.50 each wyb 2 after catalina!
AddLuvs Jumbo Pack Diapers $6.50
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $4.50 each wyb 2 after catalina

$2 Off Instantly wyb 4 Pepsi or Aquafina

AddPepsi or Aquafina 24oz 6 packs 4 for $13 (-2 wyb 4) = 4 for $11

1 Free Instantly

AddKool Aid Canisters or Fun Fizz 2 for $4 (1 free) = 3 for $4 ($1.33 each)

$2 OYNO wyb 10 Betty Crocker Potatoes

AddBetty Crocker Mashed Potatoes $1
$.55/1 printable
$.50/2 from 2/13 GM
$.50/2  eOffer
Final Price = As low as FREE for 10 Plus a $2.50 Money Maker!
*You’ll need access to 5 computer to get the $2.50  Money Maker.

$2 OYNO wyb 10 Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni Products below

AddRice A Roni or Pasta Roni $1
FREE Pasta Roni wyb 3 Rice A Roni Items from 1/2 RP
Final Price = $.60 each wyb 10

1 Free Instantly wyb 3 Breyers Ice Cream

AddBreyers Ice Cream 1.5qt 3 for $10 (1 free) = 4 for $10

$4 OYNO H&B wyb $14 in participating Razors below

AddGillette Mach 3 or Mach 3 System Razor $6.99 (Up to $7.99 Shelf Price)
$2/1 from 3/6 RP
$3/2 from 2/6 RP
Final Price = As low as $2.99 each wyb 2 after catalina (if working on shelf price)
AddVenus Disposables $6.99 (Up to $7.99 Shelf Price)
$2/1 from 3/6 RP
$3/2 from 2/6 RPFinal Price = As low as $2.99 each after catalina wyb 2 (if working on shelf price)
*the eOffer for venus states “any ONE”- and it looks like the picture shows a package with only one razor in it, so I don’t think it will come off for the multi-packs (but I could be wrong!)
AddGillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.99
$3/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
$4/1 from 3/20 RP
$4/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31!)
$3/1 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = $2.49 each wyb 2 after catalina!
AddVenus Embrace Disposable $9.99
$3/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
$2/1 or $3/1 from 3/6 RP
$3/2 or $4/2 from 2/6 RP
$3/2 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = As low as $3.49 each wyb 2 after catalina

$1 OYNO H&B wyb 4 participating Crest or Oral-B Products below

AddCrest Toothpaste $1.50
$.50/1 from 3/13 RP
$.75/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = As low as 4 for FREE Plus $2 Money Maker!
AddOral-B Indicator Toothbrushes $1.50
$.75/2 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
Final Price = $.50 each wyb 4 after Catalina
Buy 2 Crest Toothpaste & 2 Toothbrushes = $6
Use: (2)$.75/1 toothpaste and (1) $.75/2 toothbrush coupons
Pay: $1.50
Get Back: $1 OYNO
Cost: $.50 (About $.13 each!)

$2 OYNO H&B wyb 2 Tampax or Always products below

AddTampax 40ct flushables $5
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = $3 each wyb 2 after catalina
AddAlways 24 to 44ct pads $5
$.50/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 from 4/3 PG
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $3 each wyb 2 after catalilna

$1 OYNO H&B wyb 1 Covergirl Below

AddCG Foundation, Blush or Powder $1 Off
$1/1 from 3/13 RP
$5/2 Simply Ageless from 3/13 RP
FREE CoverGirl Natureluxe Lip Balm wyb Foundation from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 or $2.50/2 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = varies

$5 OYNO wyb 4 participating products below

AddMr. Clean Sprays or Liquids $2.50
$.75/1 from Organize in Style Booklet
$1/2 from 3/6 RP
Final Price = $1 Money Maker wyb 4 after catalina!
AddFebreze Air Effects $2.50
$1/1 from Organize in Style Booklet
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = 4 for FREE wyb 4 after catalina!
AddFebreze Set & Refresh $2.50
$1/1 from Organize in Style Booklet
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = 4 for FREE after catalina!
AddDawn Dish Liquid $2.50
$.25/1 from Organize in Style Booklet
$.25/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$.25/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $.69 each wyb 4 after Catalina
AddCascade Powder or Gel $4
$.25/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $2.25 each wyb 4 after catalina!
AddCascade Action Packs $4
$.50/1 from Organize in Style Booklet
$.25/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $1.63 each wyb 4 after catalina
AddBounce Dryer Sheets 80ct $4
$.50/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $1.63 each wyb 4 after catalina!
AddSwiffer Dry or Wet Cloths $4
B1G1 FREE from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
Final Price = $.75 each wyb 4 after catalina!

$4 OYNO wyb $20 in participating Duracell Products

AddDuracell Coppertop Batteries 2 for $20
$.75/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $6.25 each wyb 2 after catalina

$3 OYNO wyb $15 in Iams Products below

AddIams Dry Dog Food $15.99
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $10.99 after catalina!

$2 OYNO wyb 2 participating items below

AddPantene Hair Care $3.50
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$.50/1 from 3/13 SS
$1/2 from 4/3 PG
$1/1 Shampoo eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2
AddHead & Shoulders $3.50
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$1/1 Shampoo eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2

$2 OYNO H&B wyb 4 Products Below

AddHerbal Essences Hair Care $2.50
B1G1 FREE from 3/13 SS
$1/2 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = As low as $1.50 each wyb 4 after catalina

$10 OYNO H&B wyb 2 Prilosec 28ct+

AddPrilosec 42ct $22.99
$3/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $14.99 each wyb 2 after catalina

$2 OYNO wyb 2 Scott Products below

AddScott 1000 Sheet Bath Tissue 12 rolls $6.49
$1/1 printable
Final Price = $4.49 each wyb 2 after catalina! ($.37/roll)
AddScott Mega Paper towels 6 rolls $5.50
$1/1 from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $3.50 each wyb 2 after catalina ($.58/roll!)

$2 OYNO wyb 2 products below

AddWindex $3
$1/1 from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2!
AddScrubbing Bubbles Aerosols $3
$2/1 eOffer
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2
AddShout Triggers $3
Final Price = $2 each wyb 2
AddPledge Aerosols or Multi Surface Sprays $4.19
$1/1 from 3/6 SS
FREE Pledge Multisurface wyb Furniture Care Aerosol from 2/13 SS
$.75/1 Multi-Surface Spray eOffer
$1.50/2 Pledge Aerosols eOffer
Final Price = As low as $.35 each wyb 2 after catalina
*This is assuming that they will not allow both coupons at once but that the $1.50/2 eOffer will come off
AddScrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel $4.19
$0.75/1 printable
$.75/1 eOffer
Final Price = $1.32 each wyb 2 after catalina
AddScrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer $4.19
Final Price = $3.19 each wyb 2 after catalina
AddGlade Aerosol $2.69
$1.50/2 printable
$1/1 from 2/27 SS (exp 4/2)
$1/1 eOffer
Final Price = As low as $.19 each wyb 2 after catalina
AddFantastik Triggers $2.69
$1/2 eOffer
Final Price = $1.19 each wyb 2 after catalina

$4 OYNO H&B wyb 1 participating Gillette Cartridge below

AddGillette 4 or 8 ct. Fusion 4 ct. Venus Embracce or Proskin, 4ct or 6ct Fusion ProGlide or 10ct Sensor or Sensor Excel ?
$4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Cartridge Manual or Power from 3/20 RP
Final Price = A total of $8 Savings
*I’m thinking these are pricey – so it may not be a great deal at all!


AddNature Valley Granola Bars $2.50
$.75/2 from 2/13 GM, 3/27 SS or 3/6 SS
$.50/1 eOffer(exp 4/4)
Final Price = $1.50 each wyb 2
AddGolden Grahams Cereal $2.50
$1/2 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $2
AddLight ‘n Fluffy Noodles $1
AddHealthy Harvest or Smart Taste Pasta $1
$1/2 from 1/23 SS (exp. 3/31)
$1/2 Ronzoni printable
Final Price = $.50 each wyb 2
*These were FREE at Kroger the last 2 weeks!
AddReddi Wip Topping $2
$0.50/1 Reddi-Wip Product printable
Final Price = $1
Cheaper last week, but still a great price!
AddKellogg’s Special K Cereals $2.50
$.70/1 Select Varieties from 3/27 RP
$1/2 from 3/27 RP
$1/2, $2/3 And $3/5 printables
Final Price = As low as $1.10 each!
AddTropicana Pure Premium OJ or Trop50 $3
$1/2 from 3/6 RP
Final Price = $2.50 each wyb 2
AddLand O’ Lakes Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil $1.25
$.40/1 or $.50/1 from 2/6 SS (exp. 4/2)
$0.55/1 Land O Lakes Butter With Canola Oil printable
Final Price = As low as $.15
AddInternational Delight Coffee Creamer $1.50
$0.55/1 International Delight printable
$1.50 off wyb Folgers Instant Coffee and International Delight printable
$1.50 off wyb Folgers Instant Coffee and International Delight from 3/6 RP
Final Price = FREE wyb Folgers Instant Coffee or $.40!
*These used to be free all the time, but $.40 is an awesome price!
AddDaisy Cottage Cheese 16oz $2.50
$.65/1 printable
Final Price = $1.20!
AddFrigo Cheese Heads String Cheese $5.99
$.50/1 from 12/12 SS (exp 3/31)
$1/1 from 1/30 SS (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $4.99
AddGorton’s Fish Fillets, Tenders or Sticks $3
$.50/1 from 2/13 SS or 1/16 SS
Final Price = $2
AddSeapak Jumbo Shrimp $5.99
$1/1 from 3/6 SS (exp. 3/31!)
Final Price = $4.99
AddStouffer’s Family Size Entrees $4.99
$1/2 from 2/6 RP (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $4.49 each wyb 2
AddMarie Callender’s Complete Selections, Steamers or Pot Pies $3
$1/2 printable
Final Price = $2.50 each wyb 2
AddHealthy Choice Naturals, Selects or Lunch Steamers $2
$1/2 printable
Final Price = $1.50
AddFarm Rich Bagged Appetizers $5.99
$.75/1 from 3/6 SS
$1/1 Farm Rich Frozen Snacks printable
Final Price = As low as $4.49 each
AddCole’s That’s Dinner B1G1 FREE (Save up to $9.98)
$1/1 That’s Dinner printable
Final Price = $3.99!
*Great Price for a Product that’s almost $10!- I’ve never tried these, but I think I’ll pick one up!
AddJimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches or Skillets $5.50
$1/1 from 3/6 SS
$1/1 Jimmy Dean Product printable
Final Price = $4.50
AddMezzetta Pasta Sauce B1G1 FREE (Save up to $6.98)
$.50/1 from All You February
Final Price = $2.49!
AddMezzetta Peppers $1.50
$.50/1 from All You February
Final Price = $.50
AddMezzetta Olives $3.99
$.50/1 from All You February
Final Price = $2.99
AddLay’s Potato Chips $2.50
$.55/1 from 3/13 SS
Final Price = $1.40
AddSnapple Iced Tea 6pk $4.99
$1/1 printable
Final Price = $3.99
AddMaxwell House Coffee $7.99
$1/2 from 2/13 SS (exp. 3/31)
Final Price = $7.49 each wyb 2
AddWonka Exceptionals Chocolate Bar $2
$1/1 from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $1
AddJuicy Juice 64oz $2.50
$1/2 Nestle Juicy Juice Printable *This Coupon prints with HUGE ad so make sure to stop your printer once the coupon prints to save ink.
Final Price = $2 each wyb 2
AddHoney Bunches of Oats $2.50
$1/1 Raisin Medley (if included) from 2/27 SS
Final Price = $1.50
AddPop Secret 3ct $2
$.50/2 from 2/20 RP (exp. 4/3)
Final Price = $1.50 each wyb 2
AddKeebler Fudge Shoppe $2.50
$.55/2 from 3/6 RP
Final Price = $1.95
AddRagu Pasta Sauce $2.50
Free Past (Up to $1.25) wyb 2 Ragu Pasta Sauces from 3/13 RP
Final Price = $2.50 each plus FREE Pasta wyb 2!
AddKen’s Marinade or Dressing 3 for $5
$1/1 or $1/2 from 3/20 SS
Final Price = As low as $.67 each
AddKraft Homestyle Dinners $2
$.50/1 Homestyle Mac & Cheese printable
Final Price = $1
AddMarzetti Salad Dressing $2
$.50/1 from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $1
AddVlasic Pickles $2.50
$.55/1 printable
Final Price = $1.40
AddVlasic Relish $1
$.55/1 printable
Final Price = FREE!
AddYoplait Kids $1.69
$.50/1 from 3/27 SS
$1/1 eOffer
Final Price = 1 for FREE! others for $.69
AddYoplait YoPlus, Original or Light Yogurt 4 Packs $1.69
$.50/2 from 3/27 SS
$1/1 eOffer
Final Price = $.69 each wyb 2, $1.19 for others
AddCinnamon Toast Crunch or Cookie Crisp $2.50
$2/2 eOffer
$1/2  printable
$1/2 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2
AddTotino’s Party Pizza $1
$.50/3 or $1/5 from 3/20 SS
$.50/2 from 2/13 GM
$.75/2 from 1/20 SS
Final Price = As low as $.25!
AddTotino’s Pizza Rolls $1
$.40/2 from 1/30 SS
$.40/2 eOffer
Final Price = $.40 each wyb 2
AddHamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper $1
$.75/3 from 2/13 GM or 3/20 SS
Final Price = $.50 each wyb 3
AddChex Cereal $2.50
$.75/2 eOffer$1/2 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $1.63 each wyb 2
AddPillsbury Sweet Moments $2.50
$1/1 or $.75/1 from 2/13 GM
Final Price = As low as $1
*These have been on sale for $.99 before
AddBetty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups $2
$1/3 from 2/13 GM
$.50/2 from 3/6 SS
Final Price = $1.50 each wyb 2
AddPringles Super Stacks $1.50
$.25/1 eOffer(exp 4/2)
Final Price = $1.25 for 1


AddFancy Feast Appetizers $1
$1/3 from 1/30 RP
Final Price = $.67 each wyb 3
AddWhisker Lickin’s Cat Treats $1
$1/2 from 1/30 RP
Final Price = $.50 each wyb 2
AddIams Dry Cat Food $6.99
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
Final Price = $5.99

Personal Care

AddClairol Nice ‘n Easy $5.99
$2/1 from 2/13 SS (exp. 3/31)
Final Price = $3.99
AddClairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam $7.99
$3/1 from 2/27 PG
$3/1 eOffer
Final Price = $1.99
You may have a FREE Coupon from facebook promo
AddColgate Premium Toothpaste $2.50
$1.50/1 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $1
AddColgate Toothbrushes $2.50
$1/1 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $1.50
AddStayfree Pads $5
$1/1 from 3/27 RP
$.40/2 eOffer
B1G1 FREE from 1/9 SS (exp 3/31)
Final Price = As low as $2.50 each!
AddCarefree $5
$.50/1 from 3/27 RP
$.50/1 from 1/9 SS (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $4
AddBic Disposables $3.99
$2/1 from 3/27 SS
Final Price = $1.99
*Razors are something that you shouldn’t have to pay for once you are stocked up! this is a decent price if you need them…
AddOld Spice Fresh collection $3.50
B1G1 FREE from 4/3 PG
$1/2 from 4/3 PG
$1/2 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
FREE Old Spice Deodorant wyb Deodorant from 2/27 PG
$1/1 Deodorant eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = As low as $1.25 each wyb 2
AddGillette Odor Shield Deodorants $3.50
FREE Body Wash wyb Deodorant from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
$1/1 from 4/3 PG
B1G1 FREE from 4/3 PG
Final Price = As low as $1.75 each
AddSecret Flawless $3.50
$1/2 from 2/27 PG (exp. 3/31)
$.50/1 eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = $2.75 each wyb 2
AddDove Men Body Wash $3
$1/1 from 3/27 RP
Final Price = $2
AddOlay 6 bar or body wash $5.50
$1/1 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
$2/1 from 4/3 PG
Final Price = As low as $3.50
AddOld Spice Body Wash, Spray or Red Zone Deodorant $3
$1/2 from 2/27 PG (exp 3/31)
Buy 1 Deodorant, get 1 Body Wash FREE from 2/27 (exp 3/31)
$1/2 from 4/3 PG
$1/1 Deodorant eOffer (exp 4/2)
$1/1 Body Wash eOffer (exp 4/2)
Final Price = As low as $.50 each wyb 1 Body Wash & 1 Deodorant
AddBlistex Lip Balm $1
$.35/1 from 1/16 SS (exp 3/31)
Final Price = $.30