Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, I have officially entered into the world of Walgreens shopping.  I am hooked.  Like the other drugstores, they have amazing deals.  At first they were intimidating to me since I have heard they have alot of rules.  To deal with this I basically play dumb and buddy up to my cashier.  They walk me through it and make sure I am getting a good deal.  Always, always, ALWAYS be nice to your cashiers :)

This week at Walgreen's (through Saturday)
Noxema razors-You can score these free after a register reward. There was coupons in the red plum we got last week.  And, in the packages I bought they had coupons! I hope to get back there this week for more free razors!

Right Guard body wash is on sale for BOGO-use BOGO coupons and get 2 free!

Flosser (sorry I forget the brand) they are on sale for $2 and you will earn a $2 register reward. 

Cottonelle Toilet paper, 12 packs for $5, use 0.50/1 online printables plus the coupons in the store. If you buy 2 in one transaction you will earn a register reward. (I didnt do this deal, but I think I might go and try it, love Cottonelle!)

Already looked into next week and check your coupons, if you have the BOGO Clean and Clear body wash coupon you can get 2 FREE! They are having them on BOGO....I am stoked about this!  I have been wanting to try this product and you can't get much better than 2 (or in my case hopefully more since I have a few coupons!) FREE!

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