Saturday, January 29, 2011 to get them!

I save the most money for my family by shopping sales and using coupons.  There are so many places to get coupons that there should be no reason why people don't use them!! I will make another post on how to organize your coupons, but for now let's stick with where to get them!!

Online-There are several websites that you can get coupons from. I currently use:

I usually enter 90210 as my zip code just because you get more coupons, but definitely play around and see if you can find different things!  Another online coupon source is Facebook.  Often times if you like a product on facebook they have a coupon offer....lots and lots of coupons this way!!

More online coupons is at, but Target is a whole topic in itself, and I will save that for another day! I LOVE Target!

Paper: Some blogs recommend getting a paper for every family member in your house.  Now I am not that hardcore. I don't even get the paper delivered! But I do try and get it each week! In the paper you will see Red Plum, Smart Source, and P&G inserts.  If you're a PA local then the Red Plum and P&G usually some with your grocery store ads!

Another option: Email companies for products you love or want to try.  Usually they will respond and send you some coupons.  When I was pregnant with Brenna, I emailed Seventh Generation and Boudreaux's butt-paste, they sent me tons of samples and coupons!  I need to get back on that train!

Check your packages before you throw them out! Just the other day I was looking for a box top label for the school and spotted a coupon instead! I try and always check the inside cardboard for hidden coupons!

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