Monday, January 31, 2011

Why would anyone want to coupon?

There are stereotypes out there that people coupon because they are poor.  In my opinion, this is so false!

I got hooked with couponing on my most recent maternity leave.  I love my employer but they do not offer any paid time off.  Since I was having my last baby, I wanted to take the entire 12 weeks offered by FMLA.  My husband and I discussed this prior to having our wonderful daughter and planned ahead financially.  The first 3 weeks I was able to use vacation time I accrued, and during that time I stumbled upon coupon blogs.  It was an epiphany, I swear!  Why should I give Walmart/Giant Eagle/Target or any other store for that matter more than I needed to?  If I could try a product I normally wouldn't buy for pennies, why shouldn't I?  If I can get my kids little lip glosses for free, then why not spoil's not costing me anything!

It is an amazing rush seeing your total go from almost a $100 down to $50!  It's a game I play with myself, see how much I can buy and for how much. This would make me a complete nerd to some, but I am a happy coupon nerd! While grocery shopping I try and keep my average price per item under a $1.00.....this includes my meats, veggies and everything.  This weekend I bought diapers, meat, and a ton of other groceries and my average price per item was $1.17.

Couponing became such a hobby for me that I began to think where could I stretch our dollar further! My husband and I work hard for our money that I would much rather keep it in our bank account than someone else's.  If I was in my house and found a dollar on the floor I most certainly would not pick it up and put it in the trash! I kind of look at couponing this way, if you can save $50 by taking an hour or two out of your week why wouldn't you?

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