Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid

I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  It seems like for me I can get the most bang for my buck at this store, but often times I leave frustrated.  Don't let this scare you away, just go into it knowing that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose! I probably shouldn't call out the different stores, so I will just say that in MY experience the Beaver county stores are WAY WAY more friendlier than the Allegheny county ones. But it could just be the one I went to in Allegheny county.

Anyways....Rite Aid has a few reward programs.  I am going to walk you through the basics and then tell you the deals I plan on scoring this week.

Single Check Rebates or as bloggers call them SCR's.
In the ad you will see a product listed and it will tell you it qualifies for the Single Check Rebate program.  What that means is:
1. You have to buy the product. (Make sure you take the ad so you can check it with the item you buy, because I have had things not be marked correctly)
2. You need to go to Rite Aid's website and sign up for the program
3. Enter your receipt information.  (This is so simple and only takes like 2 minutes....promise!)
4. At the end of the month, request your check!
5. Within a few weeks a post card will arrive...this is your check. It's small and I always worry it will get lost in the mail but it never has!
Note: Usually these all have a limit of one, so you can not go and buy 87 items and expect to get an SCR for all of them...although this would be nice!

This week's SCR deal: Complete Contact Solution, pay $7.99 and then you will receive a $7.99 check!  Free contact solution is as good as it gets! To make this deal even better, I think I might have $1.00 off coupon so actually I am making a $1.00!  

+UP rewards Program:
This program is a little easier to deal with because you buy the product and once your receipt prints out it has the coupons off your next purchase.  You can roll these and go back and buy the same product.  There is usually limits on the +UP rewards you can receive but it seems to depend on what day of the week it is!
+UP rewards expire so you need to make sure you use them before they do! I like to try and roll them into deals that I know I will earn more UP's!

Example: A few weeks ago, Rite Aid brand tissue's and toilet paper were on sale for 0.99 and you received a 0.99+UP reward. I saw on a blog that if you bought 10 tissues not only did you get the 99 cents on all of them but a $3 mystery one! I went in and bought 10 boxes of tissue along with a few rolls of toilet paper, walking out with more +UP cash than I spent.  On my way home I ran into the Rite Aid and bought more tissue and toilet paper using the +UP's I received in the morning, spent $0.00 out of my pocket and walked out with more +Up's! Needless to say, we're good on tissues and toilet paper for awhile!

I didn't really check for deals regarding the +UP this week but I will later.  If there is something completely awesome I will be sure to tell you all!

Oops-Almost forgot to mention! Rite Aid also has Video Value's! This is something you need to do on their site.  It's another thing you register and log into.  With this program you watch short commercials and earn coupons.  These coupons can be paired with a manufacturers coupon AND a in-store/ad coupon! 

This summer I was able to use a in ad coupon for Bengay, along with a manufacturer's coupon, along with a video values coupon to get free Bengay! (Actually it was probably a money maker!)

Definitely something to check out!

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