Monday, January 31, 2011

Stocking up for the ice storm!!

And I don't mean toilet paper, milk and bread! I had an awesome Rite Aid run today!

Yesterday I read on The Krazy Coupon Lady that Lay's Stack were $1.00 each and producing a $1.00 +UP snacks is my kind of snacks! Here's how it went down.

Transaction One:
Bought 6 cans of stacks $6.00
Bought 2 Edy's Grand Ice Cream at $2.99 a piece= $5.98
Complete Contact Solution=$7.99
Used a $1.00 off purchase Video Value Coupon
Used $1.00 off complete peelie (this is a coupon attached to the box that you peel off!)
Used $11 in +UP rewards
Total 6.97 plus tax.....will receive $7.99 SCR (single check rebate) and received 6- $1.00+UP and 2- $2.00+UP's

It was such a good deal I stopped on my way home for more!
Transaction Two:
1 Edy's Grand Ice Cream 2.99
1 Dawn regular dish soap 0.97
1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dishsoap 0.97
5 Lay's Stacks 5.00
Used 0.50 off Dawn hand renewal coupon (it expired today)
Used 0.25 off Dawn dishsoap
Used $9.00+Up
Paid 18 CENTS out of pocket! Walked out with $7.00 +UP's! 

I forgot to say in my Rite Aid post yesterday that you need a Wellness Card, if you are familar with most retailers these days you have to sign up and get their plastic card.  This card earns you points, and also activates the +UP's to print.

My girl's were super stoked to see that I brought home ice cream tonight! Pretty sure we're going to have Root Beer floats as we watch our Steelers crush those Packers!

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