Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Rumblings....

Today I was talking with my sister and she mentioned my latest post.  She said it's cheap if you have UP rewards but not really for those who don't.  Good point but you don't earn UP rewards unless you purchase products.  The key to shopping Rite Aid (CVS and Walgreens) is to take those coupons off your next purchase and "roll" them.  Rolling is the couponing term to keep them going.  I typically try and only use UP rewards on products I am earning UP rewards.  If a product is on sale for $3.00 and gives a $2 UP reward, I will try and find a coupon for the difference and use my UPs since I will earn more back.  The only time I don't use my UPs on products that earn me UPs is if they are about to expire or if I am using it towards products that will earn me an SCR.

For you coupon newcomers I would suggest trying smaller purchases for less out of your pocket, unless you don't mind your first trip to be costly and your next ones to be low.

Buy 1 Lay's stack for $1.00
They will give you a $1.00 UP reward, take this and buy another Lay's....this time you will pay $0.00 and earn another UP, which you can then use for more Lay's!

*Note this only works at Rite Aid....Walgreen's rules are trickier and I haven't quite mastered them yet. CVS has limits on their ECB's (Extra Care Bucks)

Giant Eagle
Each week I encourage you to go to Tammy's website called Lady Savings she does complete coupon match ups to Giant Eagle along with several other things.  I typically go on her website everyday, but usually Tuesdays or Wednesday's she will have hot deal internet printables for the Giant Eagle sale that starts on Thursday.  Sometimes internet printables reach a certain limit and are no longer available.  It's important to print a coupon that you know without a doubt you will use when you see it, if not by the time you do, it might not be available anymore.  

Giant Eagle has e-offers.  I never knew this until I started reading Tammy's blog.  These coupons can be paired with another manufacturer's coupon.  This week Bounty paper towels were 10 for $10, there was a 0.50 e-offer, and I used a 0.25 coupon (which was doubled) making a roll of paper towels FREE!  Seriously, head over to Giant Eagle, get your Advantage Card signed up so hopefully you can get free paper towels or other products one day!

My method with Giant Eagle is I go through all my coupons with the ad and just mark it up.  I circle things I think I have a coupon for, or I think is a good price.  After I do all that, I head to Tammy's site to see what I missed. I print all the internet coupons I need and put everything into an envelope so I am organized to go shopping!!

Every week I will provide you the link to Lady Savings and also tell you which deals I hope to score. 

Price Book/List
I do not cover all the different interests people have in their life.  Some of you may be into all organic, others may have food allergies or medical conditions to deal with, and others might not need to know about diaper deals.  This is why I suggest you make a list of products you normally buy and pay attention to the price the next time you put it in your cart.  If you have a good memory, make a mental note.  If not, write it down in a little tablet.  Then after you have your list, make it a game with yourself to be lower than that price on the shelf.  If you are interested in stockpiling if you can find the product for about 1/2 of the shelf price or even 75-90% off then stock up!  I stock up when I think something is a really good price, and I know it won't go to waste.

Don't be TOO brand picky!
Do I have a favorite brand of diapers?  Absolutely! Unfortunately for me the brand I like is usually the most expensive.  My baby isn't allergic to other brands so I buy what I can find for cheap.  After all, she is just going to wear it an hour or two before it ends up in the garbage.

Be willing to try new brands and even generic store brands!

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