Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pantry Week!

Every once in awhile we have Pantry Week in our house!  The upcoming week will be one!  When it's pantry week my husband usually does the shopping.  We only will need a few staples like bananas, bread, juice and a few other things.  Luckily for me, I chose a week that doesn't have awesome deals! 

You might like some of this week's deals at Giant Eagle so definitely check out Lady Savings, but I am not too impressed by any of the specials.

Some of our pantry week meals will be Taco's, grilled chicken and veggies, spaghetti, kid's choice and not sure what else!  We have a ton of food in this house so it will be good to use it up!

Another way I save money is I do not buy Lean Cuisine's anymore.  I used to buy 5 a week, that's easily $7.50-10 depending on where I shopped.  Now for lunch, I pack PB on wheat, ham sandwich, leftovers, canned soup or anything else I can find around the pantry. Surprisingly to myself I have not gained but actually lost weight by doing this!

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