Saturday, February 5, 2011

Giant Eagle!

Head on over to Lady Savings to see the complete match ups for the week, along with links to internet printables!

Here's what I plan to buy:
Huggies wipes for 0.79 (3 of them since I have 3 coupons!)
9 Cans of Chunky Soup (they are only $1.00 a can after my coupon which is 50 cents cheaper than Walmart...we go through soup like crazy!)
Nestle Hearts 0.88 after the coupon
Colgate toothpaste (buying 2 since they are FREE after my coupon!)
Frank's Hot Sauce 0.50
2 Oretega Taco Kits 3.00
3 Ragu 2.50
2 Gogurts 2.50
4 Mamwich 3.00
3 Hunt's diced tomatoes 2.00

The Mamwich and Hunts are in a promo they are doing so I might buy the BOGO popcorn for $2.28 so I can get $3.00 off my next purchase.  A few weeks ago I got cheap popcorn at Save-A-Lot and it's horrid.  So it might be worth using the bogo sale! lol

Also I do not have coupons for these items but I think they are a pretty good deal.  Pepsi 24 packs are 2 for $11. We have a special little girl's birthday coming up so I am preparing now for her party.  Also Coke 2 liters are $1 each so I will probably buy four 2 liters!
Also I am heading to Foodland to get the frozen chicken breasts we like since they are $5 each.  If I spend $20 I can get a Digiorno pizza for $3.98, so that will be in the cart too!

Hope everyone saves some money this weekend with their grocery shopping!!! 

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