Thursday, February 24, 2011


By now you all know I love Rite Aid! I shop at CVS too but not nearly as often. CVS is a great store, and often times has freebies.

Here's a few tips to get you started on shopping at CVS.

1. Sign up for the Extra Care Card.  Have this scanned every time you shop.
2. Scan your Extra Care Card at the "magic" coupon machine every time you go.  These coupons can be combined with manufacturer's coupons!
3. Try and buy products that earn you ECB's (Extra Care Bucks). Once you have earned ECB's, keep them rolling!
4. Unlike Rite Aid, CVS has limits.  The limits are clearly stated in the ad and on their shelves.  The benefit to this is people can't clear the shelves.  You will have an equal chance to get an item because a crazy couponer can't go in there and buy all 20 that is on the shelf! 
5. Green Bag Tag is a plastic tag you purchase for $1.00.  Attach it to any reusable shopping bag and have it scanned every time you make a CVS purchase.  With every 4th purchase you will earn a $1.00 ECB!  This can only be used once a day though.

I did shop at CVS this week. I went in with $0 ECB's, spent $1.74 and walked out with $2.75 ECB's for next time.  So now my goal is to find something to buy that after my coupons is close to the $2.75 above but will earn me at least $2.75 in ECB's.

One website that is great for looking ahead for deals is

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