Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going to be another awesome week at Rite Aid!

Part of my nightly routine is to check my favorite coupon blogs and spot good deals. I will try and make a list of them but I believe blog rules is I have to ask for permission. Anyways, looking tonight I have decided that this week is going to be fun at Rite Aid.  I already told you about the Johnson & Johnson/Desitin deal, but if you missed it go here.

I also plan on buying Sucrets since they will be free or maybe a money maker depending on the coupon I have.  Huggies diapers will be $4.99 for a jumbo pack. (If you use Pull-Ups you can get them for $4.99 too!) 24 packs of Nestle water will be $2.00 each which is better than what I pay at Giant Eagle. I know the cheapest thing would be to not buy bottled water but I have a first birthday party to plan ahead for!

Check out Lady Savings she put more hot deals than I mentioned, plus if there is online printables you can find them there.  Once I get my paper if I notice something great I will be sure to let everyone know!

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