Tuesday, February 22, 2011


First let me say that before I began couponing, Target was my favorite store!  Now that I coupon, I realize I wasn't shopping Target to it's full potential! It's a great place to buy grocery, cleaning and personal care items.

My all time favorite blog for Target shopping is Totally Target.  This blog is awesome and full of links to coupons, the most current happenings at Target and has lots of giveaways :)

The key to shopping Target is shopping their sales and using both a Target coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon! Head to Target's website, scroll down until you see Get Coupons.  The only downside to these coupons is sometimes they are manufacturer coupons even if they are on Target's site and you will not know that until you print them.  Usually though Totally Target will let you know which are Target Web coupons.

Another thing I love about Target is their clearance.  In July and January, the toy section will have a major clearance.....stock up for Christmas/Birthdays/Other holidays then if possible!  In my basement, I have several presents for my girl's for Christmas plus some presents in case they are invited to a friend's birthday party.  I even got my niece (I can say this on here since my sister is the one who told me to buy it) a $50 doll set for $12, now I just need to get her a little outfit and she is set for Christmas! She will be getting a completely awesome present, but it didn't break Aunt Lori's budget!

The clearance isn't just in toys!  Every time I am in Target I cruise the inside end caps.  By doing this I have scored plush towels for $0.98...who cares that they were bright orange! I have bought generic twinkle toe shoes for my daughter for $2.48. There is way too many awesome clearance deals! It's come to the point that unless something has a bright red sticker I don't buy it.  Eventually it will go on sale :)

I can not think of any great Target deals this week, but I will definitely update if and when I do!

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