Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's all in the planning!

This is what I bought at Rite Aid this morning. It was a great run! For everything pictured above I spent $7.23 out of my own pocket and walked out with $14 +UP's for next time!  Here's some things I noticed at the Rite Aid I went to.
Sucrets-It's the 18 count that is on sale and producing the UP but look for the Bonus 33% more packs because they also are on sale for $2.99 and produce the $2.00+UP.
Johnson's and Desitin- My store was completely out of the Desitin that was on sale.  I could have asked for a raincheck but I wasn't that worried about getting it.  I might ask for one tomorrow when I check out my Rite Aid near work. There is no limit to this so you can buy as much as you want.  There was a ton at the store I went to this morning, but I bet by Wednesday it's gone! Maybe even earlier than that! The natural's are included in the sale, so if you like to go all natural with your baby stock up!
Huggies-Plenty of selection on these and just to note they are not the best price I have ever paid but we needed diapers and for $2.99 I was buying them there! (I got them for $2.99 since I watched a video values last month, it's no longer available but always check your account to see.
Oreo's-These are on sale 2/$6 and then you earn a $3UP (one $1 UP mentioned in the ad, and then there is a monthly +Up that prints for each one you buy).  There is a coupon for $1/2 Oreo's in Video Values, pair this with a $1/2 "Spring" oreo's that can be found on My store did not have the "spring" oreo's but my Rite Aid scanned the coupon anyways and it went through.  Don't mention it and see if it works, this is a YMMV (your mileage may vary) in the coupon world!

Right Guard-If you go to Rite Aid this week, check and see if the Right Guard body wash has a $1.00 off peely.  If it does, then you can get some free body wash!

If you don't have any UP's or have few, remember you can break your purchase up into smaller transactions.  I bought everything above today in 2 separate transactions.  Usually if there is a line I will go to the back and let people ahead of me.  This gives me time to regroup, take care of the baby, and make sure all the coupons are ready to go!

After my well planned Rite Aid trip, we headed to Walmart.  I did not plan for this.  My receipt is proof of that.  I am quite embarrassed to say I spent $160 at Walmart today.  To be fair, I did buy prescription meds, valances for my living room, and sippy cups/feeding supplies for my 10 month old.  My next post I am going to talk about the planning it takes me to be a extreme couponer. 

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