Thursday, February 17, 2011

BOGO Sale and Coupons

Did you know that when a store is having a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale you can use a coupon on the free item?! This is how you can stack up the savings and get items for free or dirt cheap.  As long as the coupons you are using is $1/1 ($1.00 off 1 item) then it can be used at most stores during a BOGO sale.  This week at Giant Eagle Purex with Zout is on sale for BOGO, in the Red Plum you got with your grocery store fliers was a $3.00 off Purex w/Zout coupon, use 2 of these and get 2 Purex for free. (I am assuming the will be free since in the Giant Eagle ad it says that you save up to $5.98 using this sale).

Sometimes you have get coupons that are BOGO, like Buy Orbit Gum get one free.  If you combine these coupons with a BOGO sale you will get both items FREE!  The store gives you one free as part of their promotion, and then the manufacturer will reimburse the store for the other one since you had a coupon. 

Reminder: Save all your coupons, you might not normally buy Purex laundry detergent but for FREE wouldn't you try it out?  Honestly I will probably just use it for towels, bibs and misc rags unless it comes in a Free & Clear version!

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