Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walmart and Target Free Samples

I mentioned in my last post that Walmart gives free samples.  In this post I hope to give you step by step instructions so you can get some goodies delivered to your door.

Recently Target added this feature to their website.  The samples on their site go fast by I will help you with this as well.

1. Go to Walmart's website
2. In the search box type in "Free Samples" and hit enter
3. In the middle of your screen you will see "Free Samples" "Coupons" and "As Seen on TV", click on the Free Samples one. 
4. Usually it will take you to another screen and show a bunch of different products.  Right now it says "New Samples-Coming Soon"  BOO.
5. If there were products listed you would click on them and it would take you to the products ad...and in the ad there will be a place to click for a free sample. (Warning sometimes they are sneaky so look hard!) 
6. Once you click for the sample a pop up box from Walmart appears. In this box you will need to enter all your info.  I suggest you make a spam email for free samples so your regular one doesn't get a bunch of junk! Answer a few short questions and click "send me my sample"
7. Check your mailbox for little blue and white boxes! 

*While you're on Walmart's site, look for the Kraft Touch of Philadelphia Cheese ad, if you follow this you can print two $1.00 off coupons....which are on sale at Giant Eagle this week (till Wednesday!) for $2.00! So you can get 2 bags of name brand cheese for $2.00! That is .14 more than one bag of Walmart's brand cheese!*

Target Samples
1. Go to Target's website
2. In the search box type in Free Samples
3. You should go to a new page that says "Welcome to the Sample Spot"
4. Looks like right now you can get a sample of Maybelline!
5. Answer their survey, fill out your address information and get a sample in a few weeks!

I don't really wear makeup, but my 10 year old will love some for her caboodle!

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