Friday, March 4, 2011

12 Followers, yay!

LOL, I know I shouldn't be so stoked over 12 followers when many blogs have millions, but I am!  Thank you to everyone who is following me, made a positive comment to me, and supported me! I am be no means an expert in couponing but I like to help others with the knowledge I do have!

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer on the blog let me know! A few ideas I have for the future would be to provide recipes for products that are on sale that week (thanks Tara for the idea!) and maybe make my own laundry soap with my girls, taking pics to share along the way!

Tomorrow I will be heading to Giant Eagle, since it's the beginning of the month my 12 month savings will be updated. I am hoping it's in the $1800 range!  Cross your fingers for me! Next time your at Giant Eagle take a peek at your 12 month savings.  Try and make it your goal to have next month's be $200 higher! The 12 month savings includes a breakdown of savings using: Foodperks, FuelPerks, Coupons, and Store Specials!

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