Monday, March 21, 2011

Tackling the playroom....and it feels good!

Clearing the Clutter, Day 1
Once my girls were in bed, I decided to tackle the playroom.  I must say my 4 yr old's ability to put a sticker on anything and everything she can find amazes me! A doll she just got for Christmas has stickers on her plastic legs.  That doll cost me $27 AFTER my coupon! (The life size Tangled doll in case you're wondering) So because of that I pretty much threw away any unused stickers I could find.  I went through all the toys and came up with a garbage bag of trash, 2 small bags and lots of baby dolls to either donate, give away to family/friends, or sell.  I will figure that out later :)

Tomorrow I hope to tackle the play room closet, which conveniently holds alot of clutter without many people noticing. I must admit, it is nice to see my playroom looking like this.  I am going to savor this moment because I know by the time I come home from work tomorrow it will be a giant mess again!

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