Monday, March 7, 2011

Smashing Coupon Myths!

I got my start to couponing by finding a group called Coupon Newbies on the website BabyCenter. The group is headed up by Lindsey and she has a blog called Simple 2 Save. Last week on her blog she smashed 5 couponing myths! These are really good and I encourage everyone to read them!

Myth 1-Deals with buying generic
Myth 2-Couponing takes too much time
Myth 3 Finding coupons for items you need
Myth 4 Coupons are only for JUNK
Myth 5 Buying a paper for just coupons is not worth it

Do you believe some of these myths?  I admit I used to fall into the Myth 1 category, but then I started using coupons! We still use generic for some things, but most of the time it's name brand products!

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