Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looking ahead...Giant Eagle deals beginning 3/3

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week!  Teen Mom and grocery store flyer night! I left my coupon binder in my car so I am just matching online coupons, e-offers and my ad. 

You can find coupons for the following prices here. (I use zip code 90210)

  • Yoplait is on sale 20/10 and there is a $.40/6 coupon, making them .37!
  • Chex Mix is buy 4 get 1 free, so 5/$8.00.  Print the coupon at the website above twice, and also load the 0.50/2 e-offer to get 5 for $5.50 (I am debating if I will do this deal since sometimes I can get Chex mix free at Rite Aid)
  • Betty Crocker fruit snacks are 5/$10 and if you buy 5 you earn $3 off next purchase. Use 2 of the .50/2 coupons and pay 5/$5 (Again I am debating this deal, we have a lot of junk food in this house!)
  • Nature Valley Granola bars are 4/10. If you print two 0.50/1 coupons, and upload the .50/2 e-offer you will pay $2.50 for 2 boxes.  (There is a possible way to get these free at Target but it's for the small 4 count boxes.)
If you "like" Lance Snacks on Facebook you can print two .55/1 Lance crackers coupons.  These are on sale $5/10 and if you buy 5 they will give you $2.00 off instantly (but I would just buy the 2 you have coupons for, cheaper when you do the math!)

To do the next scenario's you can find coupons here

  • Green Giant Boxed veggies are on sale 10/10, love when we can get frozen veggies for cheap! Load the 0.60/3 e-offer and print the 0.60/3 coupon and pay 1.20 for 3 BOXES!
  • There is also coupons for the fruit snacks and Chex mix if you need more.
There is no coupons for these but my family likes them so we buy them when they are on sale.  Giant Eagle's pizza shells (in the bakery section) are $1.00 this week.  Their pizza sauce is a $1.00 as well.  Combine that with the Sargento Cheese I am buying tomorrow for $1.50 and we have cheap family fun! Making pizzas and maybe a movie afterwards! I just might check out Red Box for the first time! (There is always free Red Box codes!)

Baby Cut Carrots are only $1.00 a bag next week so I will probably buy a few bags of those. 

I will be back with more deals after I go through my coupon binder, but so far it's looking like there might be a few deals worth checking out!

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