Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't be afraid to ask!

Sometimes your total at checkout will not be what you thought it should have been.  There are a few ways, you can go about this problem.  One would be to just let it go and stew over it. I have done this route before and usually I will get over it...eventually! Another thing is to take your receipt, go off to the side and examine it.  This is usually my preferred way to go since I am not holding anyone else in line up, and I can get my thoughts together.  I know the rules for my coupon usage, the store's policies and I am not afraid to ask questions while standing my ground when I know I am correct.  If looking at my receipt I can figure out what happened I will go to customer service, or get back at the end of the line depending on which store. Usually I will start off sugar sweet and explain to them what happened and ask if there is anything they can do about it.  If this doesn't work, then I bring out my assertive side.  Usually I am pretty timid, but when it comes to coupons I can lay down the law! After all we are talking about money out my family's pocket!

This weekend at Giant Eagle several of my e-offers did not come off.  I looked at my receipt and figured out which ones.  At customer service, I explained to the girl my e-offers didn't come off but I bought the correct items and loaded them the day before (you're supposed to load e-offers at least 3 hours before shopping). The girl admitted she was unfamilar with the program, but took my receipt and Advantage Card and called Customer Service.  The lady at Customer Service pulled up my account and checked to see if the e-offers I had loaded were on there, while the girl in the store checked my receipt.  Of the 3 e-offers I went to them about they agreed with me on 2. Since they were so nice and helpful I just went on my way and didn't worry too much about the additional 0.50....but I am pretty sure it's on my card! They handed me $1.60 in cash and then asked me for a quick lesson on e-offers! I got the girl at Customer Service hooked and she is now going to try and use them with her manufacturer's coupons! (I secretly wished I had blog business cards!)

I could have walked away and not worried about the $2.10 that wasn't taken off my original total, but I asked because I know it would have bugged me all day long. After I received my $1.60 back my total for 53 items was about $50 and some change!

So remember, don't be afraid to ask questions and stick your ground!


  1. You should get some blog business cards, I just ordered some for mine through Vistaprint. For 5.67 I got 250 cards.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself with the customer service. I usually just sulk on my way home. I will have to go after it from now on!

  2. what are e-offers??

  3. E-offers are digital coupons Giant Eagle offers. You can go to their website and sign up for an account, enter in your Advantage card number and clip digital coupons can be used with manufacturer coupons to make for a great deal when matched with a sales price! Other stores offer these as well, but for my local area I only know of Giant Eagle. is a website to check out!