Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot Target coupons!

Usually on Sundays Target will update their printable coupons. I have been slacking on my Target shopping but I decided to check it out this morning.  A few coupons that I think are worth printing is:

$1.00 off Hanes apparel-Women's 3 pack of underwear is $5.50 this week, so after coupon $4.50! This can also be used in the men's or children's department.

$3 off Liz Lange apparel-I plan to hit the clearance racks for a shirt or something, probably will be super cheap once the $3.00 is taken off!

$1.00 off Circo apparel or accessory-I am sure I will be able to find something that is Circo that I like.  This doesn't expire until 4/23 so I might hang onto this one in hopes of a sale.

BOGO Reese cup-I think this will be good to have in case I go shopping with my girls and they get antsy, I can promise them a Reese cup if they are good and get 2 for 0.69! (Not the best deal, but better than paying full price for 2!)

We're probably doing a Target run today so if I find any awesome Liz Lange clearance I will let everyone know! What I am really hoping to find is pink valances on clearance...we're in the middle of a huge bedroom swap in our house!

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